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For Sale BY Owner 
For Sale By Owner (F.S.B.O)

Why home owners should hire Our Team instead of Selling on their own

1)  Seller would get more $$$ because the Agent is skilled in the negotiation and is knowledgeable on the market value of the properties in their area.

2)  With FSBO, Seller takes substantial risks when allowing strangers to come to his home. This is not so in a well organized, well screened system with a Realtor.

3)  With FSBO, Seller does a lot of Work. With a Realtor, he just sits back and relaxes and waits for offers.

4)  In FSBO, anything can happen to make a Deal-Fell-Through (DFT). With a Realtor, conditions/dates/prices/next-steps are well defined to make sure the deal will materialized.

What if I could put more MONEY in YOUR POCKET than you could. Would it be worth spending some time with me?

The TRUTH about Real Estate Agents and For-Sale-Buy-Owners

1) Sellers have been Employing Real Estate Agents for Over 100 Years!
2) 90% of For-Sale-Buy-Owners List with a Real Estate Agent
3) Real Estate Agents get a HIGHER PRICE IN LESS TIME 

 Six Reason's that support the Truth:

 1) Serious Buyers ONLY shop For-Sale-By-Owner to Save the commission.

  • Note: Out of 100% of Sellers 90% are listed with a Real Estate Agent, 10% are For-Sale-By-Owner.

 This means a Buyer working with a Real Estate Agent has 90% of listings to choose a Home. The Buyer can use the Realtor's Gas, Time and Expertise. Why would a Buyer go with a For-Sale-By-Owner?


 2) The LAW of SUPPLY and DEMAND

  • Note: The More Buyers for a Product the Higher the Value and the Quicker it will Sell!

 There are over 20,000 Agents in Toronto who have minimum of 5 Prospective Buyers each. That is a total of 100,000 thousand Buyers Working With Your Realtor!  Who is going to Sell Your House Faster and for More?

                                                                                  The answer is clear, Arsen Gulesserian

3) The Difficulty of SEPARATING THE LOOKERS from the BUYERS

  • Note: What does a Buyer look like?

National Association of Realtors study found 70% of Buyers have to Sell their Home first before Buying Yours! 11% of people can't afford Your House. 15% prefer to Rent and 4% Ready, Willing and Able.

We know what a Buyer looks like. Our commitment to you is we are Only going to show your home to Buyers Ready, Willing and Able to Buy.


This is true based on a few facts:.

 a) You are Limiting Your Exposure to potential Buyers. There are 100,000 potential Buyers working with Professional Real Estate Agents. Your home is NOT being Exposed to a 100,000 prospective Buyers!

 b) The Longer Your Home is For Sale, the more people think there is something wrong with the Property.

 c) Because of limited Exposure, For Sale by Owner will most likely end up Selling for lower price. Remember, to generate the highest value price possible for Your Home, means you need to be in a high demand competitive Market.

 d) Lack of negotiating skill/experience and missing of pertinent information will often result in a lower selling price, or possible lawsuits.

 5) Marketing Services = Exposure = More Prospects = Increased Value of Property (MS=E=P=V+)

Listed are some Tools that Sell Your Property. These tools provide Exposure, Prospects, Increase Value of Your Property and Security. What tools does the For-Sale-By-Owner have compared to Your Realtor?

Our Real Estate Tools Include:

  • Multiple Listing Service

  • International Referral Service

  • Signed Identity

  • Display Advertising

  • Home Protection Plan

  • Professional Training

  • National and Local Image


   Can you Negotiate for yourself as well as We Can? The answer is No, and the reasons are as follows:

  1. We are Trained Negotiators. Trained to get you the highest and best value.

  2. We are NOT emotionally involved with your Home

  3. Knowledgeable about Market Value in Your area

  4. Understand the Needs of Both Parties (Buyer & Seller)

My Job is to Work for You! Not the Buyer. There are three important points that push our motivation!

  1. Higher I Sell, more commission I make.

  2. Higher I Sell, the happier you are.

  3. Happier you are, the more Future Business I receive from You and Your    Friends


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